• which is a cool place to be, right?

    这很酷 是吗

  • Gravity slows time,


  • and this is the key to one form of time travel.


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        It's as if gravity can pull on time, slowing Lts passage.

        好像引力能拖住时间 减慢时间流逝

        very intense gravity slows time in a similar way to moving at very high speed.

        极大引力可以减慢时间流逝速率, 效果运行达到效果相似

        With the intense gravity field of a black hole, time slows down.

        强烈黑洞地心引力, 时间

        Most of the time, quantum mechanics and gravity leave each other in peace.

        大多数时间 量子力学引力没有交集

        so much So that at the very centre where the gravitational pull is infinite, time would stop altogether.

        最后, 个人抵达黑洞中心, 因为那时引力达到无穷大, 时间停止,

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