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      I'm trustee of the fund, but this hospital receives nothing from that.

      信托基金托人 这家医院这个基金得到分文

      I forgot to cancel Victoria's meeting with the fund of fund guys,


      What is Hewitt Maurice's sudden interest in fund of funds?


      The Mildred Drummond Foundation for wrongful withdrawal of funds.

      米尔德丽德·德拉蒙德基金会 指控非法提取基金.

      Ran a hedge fund called the H. V. Wilder fund.


      Something called he locust fund. - locust fund, what else?

      蝗虫基金东西. 蝗虫基金, 还有什么?

      The money, Elsa. The trust. -Oh, The trust.

      艾尔莎 托基金那事 - 信托基金

      It's the foundation I'm working with - the one by one foundation.

      关于合作基金会 加一基金会

      Maybe a foundation. The Ray foundation,

      或许可以成立一个基金会 Ray基金会

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