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      So, huge amounts of institutional funds and individual funds


      Through various charitable foundations and trusts and so forth.


      I'm trustee of the fund, but this hospital receives nothing from that.

      信托基金托人 这家医院这个基金得到分文

      After he's finished it we'll change our names and identity

      完成之后, 我们名字, 改变身份

      Nobody could say his name, so he changed it to Rex.

      名字 所以名叫Rex

      He changed his name to Mohammed Al Zwari, but his passport still lists him as Dennis Crane which is why the name is on the no-fly list.

      改名叫做Mohammed Al Zwari, 护照还是Dennis Crane就是为什么名子禁止搭乘飞机乘客名单.

      I decided to change my name to Hamilton, my father's real name.

      决定名为Hamilton 本名

      You killed Freeman, Baxter and and Stentz?

      你们杀死利曼, 克思斯顿?

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