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      The key players are the Concord Coalition, the Brookings Institution, The Heritage Foundation

      关键成员赤字联盟, 布鲁金斯学会, 传统基金会.

      fund is, a hedge fund is a firm that manages money.


      Secondly, hedge funds use borrowed money in addition to

      , 除了投资人资金, 对冲基金

      El Dorado Trust is the terminus of the wire, right?

      黄金国信托基金线路终点 ?

      to the homeless kids at Mckinney-vento.

      这些通过"麦金尼 基金"捐给流浪儿

      Is the angel fund going to give us the bail money?

      天使基金会愿意提供 老爸保释金

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