• I think that's pretty harmless. Don't you? - Absolutely not, dear.

    我想也没什么不好, 你说呢? - 千万不要去, 亲爱的

  • They always have other intentions. - This is business, mostly.

    另有企图 - 我们要是生意

  • I'll just sip club soda and we'll go over wallpaper samples.

    我只会喝点汽水, 然后我们就看墙纸样品

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        I don't speak Spanish. - But we can speak Business.

        不会西班牙文. - 我们可以谈谈生意.

        We don't really talk a lot, mainly what's happening on our stories.

        我们时常倾谈, 我们要是, 电视剧故事, 诸如此类

        The plan... is to talk with Veronika, mainly.

        我们计划要是... 妮卡谈话

        On our way to the Elysian to dicker with Van Cleve. He's fired us already.

        正在ElysianVan Cleve生意路上 已经我们解雇

        Well, Jim pled his case and we decided it's best to keep the business,

        Jim申辩 我们决定最重要是保住生意

        more than likely because his business is suffering.


        come on, Come on, line 'em up. We've got business.

        来吧 他们 我们谈谈生意

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