• I thought we weren't supposed to talk.


  • Yes, yes, yes, Yes. You're right, you're right, You're right.

    是的, 是的, 是的, 是的. , , , .

  • Sydney Briar is alive

    Sydney Briar还活着.

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        You're right and I'm sorry. it's just... I'm scared.

        对不起 只是... 害怕

        If you're right and she isn't local, then - she's definitely not local.

        如果 不是本地人 ... - 绝对不是本地人

        No, you're right. Of course you're right. It's a new beginning.

        , , 当然, 这是一个开始

        But I think you're right, it would be a good place for a dealer to hide.

        不过觉得 通路公司 对于毒贩一个藏身

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