• Man, you just hit two people Back there!

    哥们 你刚刚撞了两个人!

  • You stop. I'm not... - Take your hands off. Shit!

    停手 ... - 拿走 !

  • We're stuck in traffic! - Oh, shit.

    咱们堵在这儿了! - 噢 我靠

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        Will you stop front-seat driving? Get your hands off the wheel!

        驾驶别开 ? 方向盘拿走!

        Are you kidding me? Keep your money. It's fine.

        开玩笑? 拿走 没事儿

        You didn't even give me a chance to get my stuff.


        I'm not stopping until I know where you're holding Tommy.


        I can't believe you're taking my car. It's not fair.

        不敢相信你们拿走 这不公平

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