• You must be so disappointed.


  • with a son like you, a man learns to live With it.

    这么儿子 才能学会如何忍耐

  • Ah, I got a peanut chunk stuck in my tooth.

    啊 有块花生卡在我的牙齿里了

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        You don't fucking talk to my staff like that. I talk to my staff.

        以后手下这么说话, 只有可以!

        I didn't say it like that. - No, you're right.

        人家这么 - 刚才

        And only a madman would defy God again after what he's done.

        经过这么多事 只有疯子再次触怒天主

        Which is probably why it took you so long to meet me.


        You come to have this strange disease cured after all these years?

        这么, ?

        Now that you mention it, I haven't seen him.

        这么 觉得

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