• We're delayed. Cloud cover over the target.

    起飞推迟了, 目标上空有云层

  • They want us to stand down until further notice. Danny, tell the others.

    命令我们原地待命, 告诉其他人

  • The target's clouded over. We're delayed.

    目标上空有云层, 推迟起飞

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        Work it for a while... someone else steps up.

        解决这个案子... 其他人跟上待命

        They think I'm one of these..."others"? Other what?

        他们认为... "其他人"一个? 其他什么?

        There's someone else. There has to Be someone else.

        其他人. 那里一定其他.

        would exchange places with any other people or any other generations


        If one of them is in on it, they probably all are.

        如果他们之中有人牵扯其中 其他人难逃干系

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