• What? No. No!

    什么? 不 不!

  • look, okay, Look, I know I have a kid,


  • But I can do this joB just as... just as well

    但是我可以像... 像其他工作人员一样

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        Listen listen Listen, look, I thought you sounded cool on it.


        look, look, look. I know you're mad, but...

        知道生气 但是...

        Listen to me clap. Hear that? Just follow the clapping.

        节拍 听到? 跟着节拍

        No. -Listen, listen, Listen. I got something, too.


        listen, Listen, I just... whatever you hear after tonight, okay,

        , , 只是... 今晚无论听到, ok

        Look, I'm staring at it right now. - Look, I don't know what to tell you.

        , 这里. , 知道怎么

        No, look, look, look, I might have an idea. I mean I'm just thinking out loud, But it seems to me

        , , 主意 刚才自言自语, 觉得

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