• Okay, here is the thing. you're not ready for the evil laugh.

    好了 到此为止 你还没准备好邪恶地笑

  • You could do a chuckle, like a mildly upset chuckle...

    可以哽咽 某种小小沮丧哽咽

  • . . after my evil laugh. listen to mine

    在我邪恶地笑声以后 听我的

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        A mass of emotions rushes in on me. A lump rises up in my throat.

        心潮澎湃 哽咽

        And suddenly, the lump in my throat is too Big to swallow.

        突然之间 喉咙哽咽

        I've got a lump in the throat and a tear in the eye.


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