• Secret agent leanimal.

    特工 马丽安

  • And I would hunt everybody down, like an animal.

    我要个人 像头野兽

  • I'm a spy!


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        Every werewolf will be a bundle of fur and sharp teeth tonight

        每个今晚 变成长毛利齿的野兽

        That is around one camera for every 14 citizens.


        You now I should get to work, the shops been really busy, everyone wants me to look for somewhere and...

        我要工作, 店里一直, 个人地方

        I'll sue him, I'll sue you. I'll sue everybody! I'll sue this whole place!

        一定 我会 我会你们个人! 我要你们整个饭店!

        How can I love everybody? I can't even meet everybody!

        我要怎么个人? 甚至个人!

        Shakira's coming to my mixer! I've got to tell everyone.

        Shakira参加联谊会 我要告诉个人

        I'm assuming everyone knows how to read it.


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