• We are pretty in, Alice.

    我们确实走在前沿 艾丽丝

  • Well, you're going to have no trouble


  • Getting that kid into the Center for Early Education.


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        This is a learning center where children stay 5 nights a week.

        这里教育中心 孩子周在那里五天

        I've got to take her to 'em. I've got to take her to Ann's parents.

        孩子, 送到安的父母那里.

        Takes the baby to an orphanage. Maybe he doesn't tell his wife.

        孩子送到孤儿院 也许妻子

        Obama had, and cindy and I had, to send our kids to the school


        end of discussion, I'll go next week and transfer the kids to public school. we can't afford a private one.

        别说. 下周孩子送到公立学校 私立学校我们

        you sending us your kids, I get it.

        为什么孩子送到我们这里 现在

        But, bottom-line here is, when you send your child to that school,

        最起码 孩子送到学校

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