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  • Actually, I do have a question. Is your name really Aziz?

    问题 真名真的阿齐兹

  • It is on saturdays between 5:00 and 9:00.


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        Did the Apollo really land on the moon? Did it? Did it?

        阿波罗真的登陆月球 这是真的

        Morse is gonna raise your offer, pal. -He's countering? God, he is a tough old bird.

        摩西准备提高报价 老兄 -真的准备还价? 老头顽强

        but do they actually serve porridge, and if so, is it compulsory?

        他们真的供应 果真 是不是强制?

        You're not serious? I mean, you really talk to it?

        不是开玩笑, 意思真的 真的宝宝说话?

        Chick thinks she can charge Pipe. That's cool. You think she can surf it for real?

        小女孩认为掌握海浪 真是 真的?

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