• We have different things we have to try and locate this coming summer.


  • He has located many braves that we don't know about, and we bury our people

    已经安置很多我们知道勇士, 我们安葬我们人民

  • with spirit houses above them, and a lot of them don't have that honour.

    修建了纪念堂, 但他们还有不少人没有享受到这个荣耀

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        But I'm not a pasha. The pasha's dead and buried.

        不过不是什么pasha. pasha已经, 而且已经安葬.

        The dead are scattered everywhere half buried

        散乱埋葬周围遗体, 部分露出地面

        who came to seek their fortune in the slave trade have been found.

        奴隶贩子奴隶贸易积累他们财富, 现在他们遗体发现.

        which they have painted in ocher to drive away the evil spirit ...


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