• Oh-oh, three? Oh.


  • Ooh, come here, you little rat!

    过来 耗子

  • Hey, what about you? Aren't you due for another?

    你们呢 准备还要一个吗

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        If I didn't know what a squirming little trapped rat you were,

        要是不了解你本来就是这样一个 耗子蠕动耗子,

        Your baby is so ugly. It's like a little rat.

        你家孩子 耗子

        You cheeky little monkey. I won't have no son of mine acting the rat.

        无耻畜牲 没有这种儿子 耗子似的

        Drop it, you muck snipe. - Oh! Watch out for that hole, alley rat!

        , 傻帽 - ! 小心地上, 耗子!

        to Beat the hell out of the Central High muskrats and


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