• Yes, but...

    是 但...

  • How long can they keep me on it? This Order?

    持续多久? 这个管制?

  • I'm afraid that, currently, it can be renewd indefinitely.

    就目前来说 恐怕会无限期延长

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        which first reared Lts ugly head during the deadly mustard gas attacks of World War I.


        The miners knew strikes were forbidden by Bevin by a wartime regulation, order 1305.

        矿工知道 根据一个战时法规, 1305, 罢工贝文禁止

        it's the first race of the season at Darlington International Speedway.

        本季赛事 达令赛道举行

        At the outset, Germany adopted a policy of state intervention for war production.

        首先, 德国人为战时生产制定系列政策

        Okay, for the first challenge, we assigned you girls.

        战时 我们分配模特

        although this is a group that needs no strong control.


        . . you fight with your head. - Then you fight with your heart

        战时首先头脑 - 然后勇气

        At lnchon, once Macarthur had won his gamble on the day of the assault,

        仁川 麦克阿瑟赢得冒险战时

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