• And I owe it all to you, signora. -To me?

    女士 一切都归功于你 -归功于我?

  • The money, Elsa. The trust. -Oh, The trust.

    艾尔莎 托基金那事 - 信托基金

  • But, Luca, that was your mother's money.

    卢卡 那是你妈妈的钱

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        The money Elsa gave me - I can give it to you.

        艾尔莎 可以

        Trust me. the money she'll make, it'll cushion the blow.

        相信 将来钱能缓冲打击

        I followed the trust money all the way down the rabbit hole.


        Your father put all the money in a trust for you and named me the executor.

        父亲有的设立信托基金 指定执行人

        You know what my daddy used to tell me about trust? Follow the money.

        知道父亲告诫 诚信, 就是不要过不去

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