• Who are you?


  • I'm Norman. Norman Babcock.

    诺曼, 诺曼? 巴布科克

  • You don't actually know me, but I know you.

    你不认识我, 但我认识你

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        I'm sorry I unloaded on You, norman. you know how it is?

        对不起 嚷嚷 Norman 知道当时情况?

        I want the number, idiot. Anyway, I'm at Paul Norman's. I'll try again later.

        我要玩意儿, 笨蛋 不管怎么, Paul Norman, 一会儿

        shut up, norman. I'm not talking to you. He got in your way.

        闭嘴 Norman 妨碍

        I'm Dr. Norman. Can you tell me what happened?

        Norman医生 告诉怎么回事?

        You know what I'm doing, darling. - But, well, You've got to wait for Norman.

        知道干什么 亲爱 - Norman回来

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